Set List for Sunday 8/10/14

It was a full service this past Sunday, but it was a great one, where we got celebrate both Communion as well as three baptisms! God is good. Since the service had some additional elements this week, the set was a bit shorter, but no less powerful. It was a sweet time of sing to our God together.

Here are the songs we sang…

Opening Set: 

“Here For You” by Jesse Reeves, Matt Maher, Matt Redman &  Tim Wanstall
Get the Chris Tomlin version on Amazon Mp3 here.

“Jesus Is Better” by Aaron Ivey and Brett Land
Get it here.

This song was one I knew but had never done. Man! This is a great song. I really enjoyed leading it and praying the prayer of the bridge. I hope you joined in praying that the Lord would help our hearts see that Jesus is better than anything the world can offer.

Message: Skeet Alderson
“Origins: Separation” Genesis 10-11
Listen to it here.

“Be Thou Vision” arr. by Ascend The Hill
Get their version here.


“Great Are You Lord” by David Leonard, Jason Ingram & Leslie Jordan
Get it here.

This is one I introduced the previous week. In Skeet’s message, we were encouraged to see that God’s deviding of our languages and nations done at Babel in Genesis 11 saw the beginnings of its restoration through the power of the gospel at Pentecost in Acts 2. Looking forward to when Christ’s return, we will ultimately see full unity across every tribe and nation in worship of Christ (Revelation 7:91-2) The bridge for this song echoes that idea, and it was great to read the scripture and then proclaim the certainty of that future truth!

Those were the songs we sang! If you joined us Sunday, thanks for being a part of a wonderful morning!


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