Joy Set Before Us

How best to announce the new blog re-title and a return to writing for 2017? How about with a new post about 2016?!

For those that are wondering where I have been, I may post a family and life update another time, but for now, here you go!

This tweet from Ben Rector made me laugh. Many of the things he does have that effect on me. He’s right. We’re about to hit 2017, and just about everyone is making jokes and complaining about how awful this year has been. There have also been reactionary Facebook posts and the like to try and reframe 2016 positively by counting one’s blessings, as it were. On one level, I applaud these sorts of reactions. That’s because they are bucking the generally accepted trend these days that if something is broadly viewed as crummy, we all get a free pass to complain about it.

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