Planned Parenthood Through The Lens of Foster Care

So there are already a million blogs written on the subject of the Planned Parenthood videos. There are some really great ones that are far more worth your time than what you about to read from yours truly, to be sure. Many of them are in my twitter feed and are worth a look. But, as I awoke this morning to the sound of my foster daughter’s sweet voice singing “Papa! Where are you??” I was struck with a thought that I felt compelled to write down. Continue reading

Foster Care Thanksgiving

Mother Care

Hey everyone,

Long time no write! Below is actually a “guest post” from my amazing wife, Andrea Godbold, filling in those who are interested in learning a little bit more about the foster to adopt journey we embarked on earlier this year. It is a short read, but it is a great update on the stretching process that God has begun to work out in us. Hope you enjoy it, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Greetings from Tomball…

Hello internet!

Home sweet home.

As most of my readers (do I actually get to call you readers?) know, we moved back to our home town of Tomball, TX at the end of May, and on June 1st I took a job as Tomball Bible Church‘s New Worship & Communications Pastor. I felt that my friends who read this were owed at least some sort of acknowledgement or timestamp that commemorates the move on the blog before I just start writing posts about nerdy/more important things as if nothing has changed. A great deal has, in fact. Moving to a new state, selling our house, starting a new job, and Andrea has started as a consultant for Rodan + Fields (super proud of her– y’all should check it out).  We are now living (temporarily) with my parents as we get settled into Texas and nest egg for the purchase of whatever Texas house God has in store for us in a few months.

I am happy to report that four weeks in, I still have said job and things are going splendidly. Last week, they stuck my pale face on the website, and I even have a fancy name plate outside my office now. It’s as official as it can be! So, it’s just shy of one month, and I am pleased to say all is well. As you have heard me say often throughout the process of making this move, God has been extremely gracious! Andrea and I love our new church home, and we love being close to our family. God has already shown me how much more I am going to learn and grow in this new place. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us through the transition. It has been incredible.

Stay tuned for more on the blog in the coming days/weeks as I talk about summer movies, gear & electronics, and of course, thoughts on worship. Seminary is on hold for the summer while we get our bearings, which means more time for recreational reading and writing.

So look for more posts from me soon! And thanks for checking in!